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Welcome to Marketing Lowdown!

Marketing Lowdown enables people in Australia with an interest in marketing and related industries such as PR, Event Management and Social Media to connect with others, collaborate and share information. It’s designed for College, Undergrad and Postgrad students; Young professionals, small business owners and those who are thinking of getting into the industry or just have an interest in Marketing. Importantly however, the participation of more experienced professionals enhances the experience for everyone and therefore everyone is welcome!

Marketing Lowdown launched on 12th February 2011 and is an exciting new project that anyone can get involved in. From the moment you submit your first article to be published you are featured as a contributor on our contributors page, which enables you to show current and future employees and peers your interest, knowledge and passion for marketing and related topics.

Marketing Lowdown also provides useful resources which include a list of universities, colleges and degrees that you may be interested in, upcoming relevant events as well as information on current full time, part time, graduate and internship opportunities. We also provide you with advice and informative articles on everything from managing your own personal brand online and perfecting that CV to tips on networking.

So what are you waiting for? You can get involved right now!

To become a contributor simply email your article to mail@marketinglowdown.com for more information on publishing your article visit our contributors page.

Want to become a contributor but not sure how to start? No problem, email us now and we will help you write an article you will be proud to publish!

Marketing Lowdown Team