Exam study tips to help get you through any exam period

by Marketing Lowdown on June 24, 2011

Is it just me or does exam time seem to be coming around quicker every semester!?

Well whether you are already finished your exams or just beginning them, the marketing lowdown team have compiled a list of our best study tips to help see you through:

Be organised before the exam period begins

This is about more than turning up to classes and doing your assignments. It’s about having all your notes printed out before your last week of classes. Go through them, check everything is there, and if you have any questions this will give you ample time to ask lecturers and tutors. Make sure to also ask them the format of the exam and advice on what to focus on etc.

Also, have all your notes in the order you will study them and write out a plan for what you will be studying when. Doing this in advance will give you time to clarify anything and with a plan that keeps you on track, you can see how much you will have to do each day and relax a little knowing you will have time to do it all.

Make a sacrifice now so you don’t have to again

What would you prefer?

Get up at 11am wander around and finally begin studying at 1pm. At 5pm you get a call from a friend so you go out – after all you have been studying all day and deserve a break right!? Then the night before the exam you realise you haven’t even gotten through half your notes and you stay up all night. You end up failing the exam because you were too tired to study and too tired to read the questions and think properly in the exam and have to do the subject all over again.

Alternatively you can make a deal to get up at 8 or 9am, study with ample breaks throughout the day, tell your friend you really want to just get this exam done – pass and go out with your friend after exams knowing you will still be able to graduate on time.

Make the small sacrifices now so that you are not failing exams and extend your degree unnecessarily. By all means reward yourself and definitely get out of the house and have breaks BUT be careful that you are allowing yourself ample time to get through everything you need to before the exam!

Take the time to work out how you learn

People learn in different ways and it’s important to figure out what works best for you so that you can use your time more wisely. Personally I am a visual person – in exams if I can’t remember something I can often just close my eyes and try and

visualise the lecture slides it was on. This means when I am studying I try to do things in small chunks so that I remember them visually as well as mentally. That’s why palm cards and diagrams are great for me as they allow me to study in small chunks at a time. I am also slightly a read/write person which works well as writing up the palm cards also helps me memorise as I write. This has been key to my learning.

If you want to find out your learning style I recommend Neil Fleming’s VARK learning styles – I prefer this one but there are many different types out there.

Stay Fit and Healthy

It’s been shown that those who eat healthy during exam periods, drink plenty of water and get a good amount of sleep tend to do better in exams. Not o

nly will it help you stop feeling fatigued, staying hydrated actually improves your ability to remember things during your exams. We all know someone who has fallen asleep during an exam or done an all-nighter and been unable to even re

ad the question properly when the exam begins!

Practice makes perfect

Get your hands on practice exams and simulate exam conditions. No cheating! This is the best way to not only get a feel for the exam but to work out how long you should spend on each question in order to get everything done in the time you have.

Be well prepared the night before your exam

Following on from the above it’s important to take the time the night before your exam to pack everything you need, write down where and when your exam is, organise what you want to go over in the morning and most importantly get a REALLY good night sleep. Rushing around the morning of an exam is a good way to stress yourself out more and even worse is being disorganised and being late for the exam!

What other study techniques and tips do you have? leave us a comment and let us know!


Ad chosen by: Louise Griffiths (Community & Content Coordinator here at Marketing Lowdown!)

Louise spent 3 years working in Event Management full time before starting her degree and now works full time as a freelancer in many areas including, Marketing, Digital and Social Media whilst also obtaining her degree, a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) at Macquarie University full time. Louise’s passion is in brand management and digital/online marketing for consumer engagement.
University: Macquarie University, Sydney
Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)
Graduated: 2013

You can also read about Louise on our ‘Meet the Team’ page!


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