Coles and Woolworths Copy-Cat Competition

Tweet Last night, I was part of the studio audience for the ABC advertising show, ‘The Gruen Transfer’. Now into its 4th season, the advertising show critiques ads by the likes of Todd Sampson, renowned for his qwerky t-shirts and Russel Howcroft, an advertiser who isn’t afraid to express his opinions. And tonight was no […]

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Going beyond rational product benefits…

Tweet In the current world of cluttered advertising, marketers need to do more than communicate their product’s functional benefits. Especially in categories where there is no ‘new news’ or product innovation, NPD (new product development) as marketers would call it. Picture this scenario: You’re a brand manager of paper towel. The only innovation that has […]

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Ad of the Week: Snowball – Coca-Cola Commercial

Tweet This week I have chosen an ad from last year that I recently came across. This was Coca-Cola’s global Olympic TV commercial in 2010, named “Snowball” and made it’s debut during the season premiere of American Idol. This coca cola ad is fantastic at representing the message coca cola are trying to convey with their […]

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