Marketing Theory

What do you enjoy doing?

Tweet We came across this great video and wanted to share it with you. Don’t feel like you have to be a specialist, as you will hear from Brett Rolfe from naked Communications, generalists are just as important. I think the other important thing to take from this talk is a lesson Brett learnt about […]

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Top 8 tips to engage with Social Media

Tweet With the digital revolution taking us by storm, I thought I would share 8 Social Media tips that are somewhat unique, and somewhat ignored in marketing strategy. 1) Social media as a customer service tool – FB and Twitter allow consumers to provide their feedback, complaints and suggestions in relation to the brand. As […]

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Don’t be the best, be different!

Tweet Ever heard the quote – “If you can’t beat them, join them” ?, what if this advice was ill conceived and an attempt to justify the creator’s lack of creativity and innovation? Many of us have a competitive streak that forces us to want to compete with the No. 1 in our field of […]

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The ‘Placebo purchasing effect’

Tweet I recently became inspired by Seth Godin’s blog post, ‘Ethical placebos’. Godin’s article discusses the emotional benefits that are tied to purchases, which often outweigh the product or service’s functional benefits. The placebo effect links to consumers giving a product a unique perceived benefit that extends far beyond the product’s main use. So I […]

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The unity between internal marketing and HR…

Tweet I have recently been intrigued by the vital role that internal marketing plays within the firm, which is often devalued and should be given a higher ranking of importance in the strategic marketing plan. I hold the view that Marketing and HR should be united to support both departments’ strategic goals. This would assist […]

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Creating or satisfying needs?

Tweet “If you only give people what they already want, someone else will give them what they never dreamed possible.” – Saatchi and Saatchi I have recently been intrigued with the nature of relying on marketing research to determine marketing strategy. Throughout my university studies, market research was portrayed as the defining tool which exposes […]

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