Life as a Marketing Graduate: Part 2 – Home Sweet Home?

by Marketing Lowdown on May 9, 2011

I thought I would continue Part 2 of the Marketing Grad series with some advice on adjusting to new rotations, new departments, new colleagues and importantly new managerial styles.

I am currently in my third rotation with Kimberly-Clark, most commonly known as the company who invented Kleenex tissues and Huggies nappies. I spent my first 3 months in marketing with the Adult and Feminine Care (AFC) team, followed by a 2-week stint in the Sales Field team. This week I began rotation number three in Category Management and to be honest I felt disoriented, but not in a negative sense. It was like beginning a new job all over again, having to take baby steps to learn new territory from the bottom up. I even did the formal round of introductions…my hand shake had to be good by now.

So why did I miss my original team in marketing? There are probably various reasons why, but I think the most fitting was because I felt settled and confident in this role. I had learned the ropes, knew how to get results, felt comfortable around the familiar faces that were my colleagues and knew what to expect. Now I needed to prepare for the unexpected.

But as the saying goes, change is as good as a holiday and I would like to hope that I would never take for granted the amazing experience that comes with a marketing graduate program. Like most new tasks you take on in life, you journey from walking down struggle street to climbing up the rocky mountain. While it may feel settling to reach the top of the mountain, the winding climb upwards should just be as rewarding.

So for those of you who successfully land a marketing graduate role or face yourself working on new and challenging marketing projects, be prepared to be versatile. Remember the basics you were taught at uni like the 5 (or 7) P’s of marketing, the communication model, brand strategies and objectives. But most importantly try to stay true to yourself. Ask plenty of questions to help you along the way. And don’t forget to enjoy the ride that will lead you to your next exciting home.


Written by: Natalie Waser (Marketing Industry Specialist here at Marketing Lowdown!)

Natalie is engrossed by marketing at all levels – from critiquing television ads, to assessing in-store promotions to debating PR stunts.

Before commencing her Marketing Graduate role with Kimberly-Clark, the fast moving consumer goods company who invented Kleenex and Huggies brands, she completed various internships in PR, digital media and market research. She is driven by her imagination to test marketing norms and create new brand experiences.

On Marketing Lowdown, Natalie reflects on her experience as a marketing grad to bring you helpful tips to make your transition from university student to full-time worker all that little bit easier.

University: University of Sydney, Sydney
Degree: Bachelor of Economics and Social Science (Marketing and Industrial Relations and Human Resources)
Graduated: April 2011
Works as: Consumer Marketing Graduate at Kimberly-Clark Australia
Can be found on: LinkedIn

You can also read about Natalie on our ‘Meet the Team’ page!


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